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I am a technical design engineer who graduated from Chalmers University of Technology where I received a Masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering. This programme resembles the more classical Mechanical Engineer but with a larger emphasis on the user, ergonomics, interaction and expression of the product or system. A holistic view on product development and industrial design where the context and all factors are considered is emphasised in this education. The goal is to create the best solutions which fulfill all requirements and to create concepts and innovations which support the users in order to improve upon experiences and enhance their lives.


I am a goal oriented person who enjoys to improve upon objects and experiences I encounter in order to create the optimal solution. Whenever I come across a product I find to be lacking in some regard I often attempt to enhance it or create something new to replace it. Knowledge drives me and I have always been interested in teaching myself new skills and learning new things in order to accomplish this. Whether it is through disassembly of other objects to see how they work and find out how to improve them or teach myself a new field to be able to create from scratch, I try to improve upon products and learn something new in the process.


Morgan Berglund Le Beux
Jean Morgan Arvid Berglund Le Beux


Product and Production Development at Aracne AB

Employment at Aracne AB to finalise the concept created in the Master Thesis and develop a production prototype. Once finalised and manufacturing plans hade been made, a protoype was built to showcase and evaluate the product.


Help Tutor at Chalmers

Employment by Chalmers as a help tutor in Mathematics and Physics alongside my studies. This part-time employment was undertaken while completing my Master's degree and it taught me how to better communicate ideas and explanations as well as refresh my knowledge in logic and problem solving.


Industrial Design Engineering, M.Sc. programme at Chalmers

Studies at the Master's programme of Industrial Design Engineering and title of Master of Science at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg.


Product Development and R&D at Arcam AB

Employment as a product developer for 14 months at Arcam AB after I had made my Bachelor's Thesis for them. I took a break from my studies during this period where I worked full-time at their R&D department developing their high end additive manufacturing systems. This employment was a very useful experience and gave me a perspective of the industry and how to apply the knowledge learnt in a real world situation.


Head of workshop at Chalmers

Employed by Chalmers and entrusted with the responsibility to run and maintain the local workshop, educate the new students in its use and ensure a safe working environment, aquire new materials, repair the equipment and machinery and perform upgrades as necessary.


Technical Design Engineering, B.Sc. programme at Chalmers

Studies at the Bachelor's programme of Technical Design and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, where I completed my Bachelor's degree.


Interclass, High School programme

Studies in natural science at Dragonskolan, Umeå, where I received a high school diploma and graduated with average grades of 20/20. The Interclass programme resembles natural sciences except that all the courses and exams are held in English similar to International Baccalaureate.

Skills and Proficiencies

Process and Tools

User Case Studies and Information Gathering

The talents to aquire the information necessary to solve any encountered problem, accomplish a goal and ensure the quality of the end result. Whether it be through research, external expertise, usage tests, interviews or focus groups, a suitable source of the information will be located and the information collected.

Requirements Management

The extraction, assessment and organisation of requirements which are required from potential solutions, sorted and ranked through importance, relevance and type while simultaneously linking their dependencies to keep track of the source and details to aid in future steps.

User-centered Design, Idea Generation and Concept Development

The designing and creation of solutions for the identified problems and addressing all requirements posed by the various actors involved throughout the product life cycle withing areas such as physical and cognitive ergonomics, usability, semantics and semtiotics to ensure the best possible user experience. Ideas and solutions are evaluated and all permutations thereof are considered to present the best possible concepts.

Computer Aided Design

Mechanical engineering, construction CAD and drafting through solid modeling in ProEngineer and CATIA and FEM analysis through Mechanica. Production preparation and product life-cycle management through PDM and PLM software such as PDM-Link, Windchill and Smarteam.

Advanced free-form surface modeling with technical class A surfaces and G3 continuity through Alias.

Polygon modeling, 3d print preparation, digital sculpting, rendering and animation through Blender.

Concept Presentation and Visualisation

Sketches and photography, renderings and animations through Blender and graphical design and editing through Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and After Effects.)

Concept Prototyping and Evaluation

Digital interface and web design, rapid prototyping, circuitry, electronics, arduino prototyping, soldering, 3d-printing, functional mockups to evaluate concepts and ensure fulfillment of the demands.

Visual Expression and Brand Management

Aestethics, careful analysis of design elements and values, Visual brand recognition, brand management and product portfolio management.

Project Management

Project management with deadline and buffer management, GANTT-schedules and stage gates to ensure that deliverables can be handed over on time within cross-disciplinary teams.


Swedish - Fluent

English - Fluent

French - Good verbal, limited writing

Work Experience

Prior employments and clients

R&D Engineer at Arcam AB

Arcam AB employed me for 14 months upon completion of my Bachelor's thesis project which they had ordered and were pleased with the results of. They develop high-end additive manufacturing systems for metals, more commonly known as 3D printers, mainly aimed towards orthopaedic and aerospace industries. I took a break from my studies during the summer of 2011 and onwards before commencing my Master's degree 14 months later. During this time, I worked full-time as a product developer at their Research and Development department. A lot of experience was gained there and I believe it to have been of great use for me in future work. A lot of responsibilities were given to me and was allowed to work with many aspects of product development with talented engineers. I got to identify problems, create solutions, design the parts required, order the parts which I had designed and finally test the solutions. Specific knowledge in a few extra CAD Tools, PLM systems, company relations and and cross-disciplinary colalboration was gained through my time there and this general industry experience has been of great value to me.

Help tutor at Chalmers

I was employed as a help tutor for Chalmers University of Technology during one year beginning in the spring of 2013. This involved helping students who had troubles with Mathematics and Physics to pass their courses, or help more ambitious students achieve the grades they strived for. The teachers are employed by Chalmers who in turn offers this service for free to those in need of help who choose to attend. By working there, I got to refresh my knowledge in these fields and I also got to improve my pedagogic skills and develop my ability to explain concepts. I believe this to also have improved my ability to convey ideas and better explain concepts to both clients and actors affected by the concept whose feedback is of course very helpful.

Head of workshop at Chalmers

I worked for 18 months beginning in 2009 as the head of the workshop at the institution of Technical Design and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. During this time, I was responsible for the workshops, replenishing consumables, keeping the machinery up and running, repair, replace and acquire new tools as needed. It was also my responsibility to educate the new classes regarding the rules of the workshop to ensure that they were qualified to operate the machinery.

Product developer at Aracne AB

Upon completion of my Master's thesis for Aracne AB I was hired to develop the product further and prepare it for production. During the thesis work a prototype sufficient enough to perform tests was built but in order to proceed a production prototype without compromises had to be made. The concept underwent continued development until construction drawings could be made and the manufacturing of a production prototype arranged for. purposes, adequate, sufficient, competent, suitable, capable, qualified. In order to realise the concept created in the thesis of...

Personal Description

Read more about me and who I am below

Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Morgan and herein you can find a sample of my work and information about me. I am a graduate from the Industrial Design Engineering master’s programme at Chalmers University of Technology with a master's degree in Technical Design and Engineering. I am originally from a small village outside of the city of Umeå in northern Sweden but I moved across Sweden to Gothenburg when I learnt that there was a programme which combined technical areas with user-centered design and branding. I felt that it fit me perfectly as I have always had an interest in innovation, creation and development of things in order to improve upon products and experiences.

I am a bit of a perfectionist and a goal driven person who enjoys accomplishing things, especially if it involves researching a field previously unknown to me. I like to learn new things, which is probably one of the reasons why I got into product development to begin with. I have an urge both to develop myself by gaining more knowledge, and my surroundings by creating better solutions. I guess this is where the perfectionist in me shines through. I have at times been disappointed by experiences surrounding different products or services and improving upon those have required me to teach myself various skills in a wide range of fields.

If I were to describe myself I would say that I am dedicated to learning new things. I have tinkered with and disassembled things in order to learn how they work ever since I can remember. This eventually evolved into me being able to fix, improve upon and develop things to suit my specific needs and requirements. One of my greatest interests is creating great user experiences and being able to customize things in my surroundings to my liking has been a step in that direction. Developing solutions which are perfectly suited for a need with no compromises is what has kept me in the field of product development. As you might have guessed already I am a great fan of the ‘Do-It-Yourself’-, ‘Open Source’- and ‘Open Hardware’-movements and an active participant of several such projects.

I have an inquisitive mind and consider myself a fast learner because of this since I have frequently had to research new fields in order to find the required tools to solve a problem or create a solution for one. This I consider to be one of my greatest strengths; finding the required information, skills or tools to accomplish a certain goal. Whether this is done by searching for it, teaching myself or de-constructing solutions in order to rebuild a better one depends on the specific problem or task at hand. My thirst for knowledge is driven by my desire to make things better. Because my desire to improve upon products and experiences requires diverse knowledge in a multitude of areas, I have had to teach myself and develop skills in information gathering. This has taught me many skills in several areas I might otherwise not have had and I would consider myself proficient in a very wide range of fields.

As you might have understood by now, I often build and create things of my own. I have a tendency to engulf myself in a subject, or indeed hobbies as well, until I feel as if I have explored the subject, learnt what I can from it and created something I find satisfactory. This process is often triggered by the lack of commercially available products which I find adequate.

Other than that I played volleyball for a several years before moving to Gothenburg where I currently only play soccer although most sports interest me. I also enjoy drawing and the creation of aesthetic artefacts purely for fun which elicit feelings in the observer. I consider the human mind fascinating and how it interacts with artefacts particularly so. This connects back to my interest in not only product-, but interaction-design and the expressions of products as well, where I have found visualisation skills to come in very handy.

Please feel free to have a look at my work and browse through my portfolio. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Jean Morgan Arvid Berglund Le Beux


Descriptions of me by prior employers and authority figures

Per Woxenius

Vice President R&D, Arcam AB

"Arcam tillverkar utrustning för att direkt från digitala tredimensionella modeller producera komponenter ur metallpulver, så kallad Additive Manufacturing. Arcams teknologi, EBM®, ger möjlighet till kostnadseffektiv tillverkning av produkter med avancerad funktionalitet. Arcams marknad är global med kunder inom främst ortopediska implantat- och flygindustrin. Bolaget grundades 1997 och är noterat på NASDAQ OMX. Koncernen har ca 50 anställda och omsatte 2011 108 Mkr. Koncernen omfattar huvudkontor och produktion i Mölndal samt servicekontor i USA, Italien och Kina.

Morgan började att arbete med Arcam i samband med sitt kandidatarbete. Eftersom detta arbete var förstklassigt erbjöd vi honom anställning under hans planerade sabbatsår.

Morgan har under hela sin anställning deltagit i ett projekt som syftar till att produktionsanpassa våra system för ortopedisk industri. Morgan har deltagit i flera olika delprojekt. Bland annat ett delprojekt där vi ökat noggrannhet och prestanda på vår elektronstråle. Han har också förbättrat användarvänligheten.

Morgan har varit en mycket uppskattad projektmedlem och många har varit imponerade över hur snabbt han har satt sig in i sina arbetsuppgifter. Han har utfört sina uppgifter effektivt och professionellt.

Morgan har jobbat med CAD-programet Pro/Engineer och PDM-systemet PDMLink.
Morgan slutar på grund av att han skall återgå till sina studier. Jag återanställer gärna Morgan efter avslutade studier om jag får den möjligheten. Om han väljer annan arbetsgivare vill jag lämna mina allra bästa rekommendationer."

Göteborg 20 november 2012
Per Woxenius
Vice President, R&D,
Arcam AB

Örjan Söderberg

Head of department, Chalmers

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Daniel Dahlén

President, Aracne AB

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